About the Blogger.


I am Victoria. Four years a widow (not legally, he didn’t get to put a ring on it) and I am raising a four year old boy whose autistic specialities make me look stupid. I am both Mum and Dad to this kid, from cooking dinner to playing trains, and explaining that he won’t be growing “gigantic boobies” when he grows up.

We live in Essex, and in the last four years have gone from a small 2-bed to a 3-bed, and we currently reside in a flat, which despite being lovely inside, has the exterior of a crack den. I work in eduction part time (gotta get those maximum tax credits in!), and for my sins I often end up loitering around working for free because it’s better than being at home alone and cleaning, again.

I play the part of Mum and Dad, and I try my best in both roles. That said, I am also human; I have good days and bad, I make mistakes and have some hilarious conversations with my son. All at once I am up and down, right and wrong, Mum and Dad, Dum and Mad.