Do you know what is the most shit part of being a widow is? The evenings. I’ve been in bed for 30 minutes because I can’t stand watching TV by myself. I like to play “what have they been in?” and pause part way through in order to discuss said person. I like sharing snacks. I’m not actually a very good sharer, however it stops me from getting fat so I am willing to compromise! – it’s a shame I’m not on dating sites with selling points like that. 

I’m currently having what appears to be not just a bad day, but a bad week. Everything that can go wrong has, and will. And as each curveball is thrown my mood deteriorates. I’m anti-social, I’m miserable, I’m tired and I don’t have the energy to talk to the people I love and care about. I’m in resentment mode. How dare Chris leave us? Who does he think he is? Who do I have to order takeaway with and sit up till midnight drinking champagne with? No one, that’s who (I can’t afford champagne now, either). And yes, I can hear it now, the chorus of people saying “well if you moved on, you wouldn’t be lonely” – no shit, Sherlock. I’m not stupid. 

So, to summarise, I’m really not sure what this blog is about, or what the point of it is (besides a bloody good moan). Tomorrow is Friday and whilst I’m exempt from having a social life, there’s always a frozen pizza and a cheap bottle of prosecco; and if all else fails, it’s a jam-packed evening of soaps.