Sorry guys. This is another Thomas related post (I expect this will be an ongoing theme, so sit tight, and if you don’t like Thomas and his friends then this is not the blog for you).

Today we are not leaving the house. I suspect it’s chicken pox. The chemist thinks it’s chicken pox. All signs point to chicken pox, but the spots aren’t blistering. Basically mild chicken pox, with the added bonus of vomit. The good news is, I can probably return to work on Monday. The bad news is, I have to entertain a seemingly well child, but I cannot leave the house “just in case”. I despair! 

Content myself with having a pj day, fueled with several cups of black coffee and a date with Jeremy Kyle; I scratched my head (hahah, get it? No? I’m rubbish at jokes, I know!) as to how I could entertain my child for the whole day without spending more time getting toys out and putting them away, than I spend sat on my backside. Enter the Island of Sodor…

Breakfast, no, that can wait. I took a deep breath and stepped into creative engineer mode. I had an idea in my head and I was about to bring it to life. I was met with several obstacles that led to a few impromptu Amazon purchases, such as where the hell are my track adapters? I have two holey bits meeting and nothing to secure them – it’s a first world problem, I know, but it’s still a problem. After 40 mins of silent f-bombs and me wishing I hadn’t even started such a project, it was ready. Sodor was finished, complete with a search and rescue centre, Tidmouth Sheds and Henry’s tunnel. Okay so it’s probably not true to the program, and I definitely need some more track, but I’m happy.

And of course, my son is very happy, and that’s what’s important today after a semi-pox outbreak and a night of making calls on the porcelain telephone.

I am aware I refer to the wooden track as being mine, but seeing as I paid for it and I’m the one who has to build it, I feel it’s my investment.